Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dirty Msn Sluts Kinda Did Something Bad With A Girl I Just Met Online?

Kinda did something bad with a girl i just met online? - dirty msn sluts

only has this girl on Facebook, then we started chatting on MSN. Deathmatch fight us things at random until it opens up and tells me he hates his friends struggle to create a rumor that she was a prostitute and I tried to console her.

began to make jokes and dirty jokes, and the next thing we know, we were flirting and exchanging some "pictures"

fell to 3 the thing is that it has all the way to Malaysia and instant messaging in Australia and write me how much he loves me, began to call me baby.

I do not really want to get your hopes do not believe in a relationship over the Internet.

What should I do?


GoddessP... said...

Be honest with her taste on you, but believe in long distance relationships. We recommend that you always be friends b / c you seem to think it's a cold and did not want to lose.

Vi said...

The best advice I can give you is to stop just talking with him, or say really are not interested. If you continue to talk to him, we will finally their hopes, most of it already. Better now, before it is even worse. Anyone can go forward.

I totally disagree with you in online relationships or lead to believe via the Internet.

Harmony1... said...

If you do not believe in the Internet connection, then stop only with the letter and speak with her. After a while, you understand.

Jerorange juice said...

tell your in Oz
Do not fall in love with something or someone you know just learned (JUST).
what happened to me, but Omegle L.
and she understood.
Good Luck (Y)

iMED said...

uhhh ... Tell him I do not believe that this relationship will not work because of the distance, Internet dating.

Poppy said...

Say. So stop.

=] said...

Share send it to. This is something online, tell him I do not think it will work. and will fail if the ... Be block = P

Juhthega... said...

Wow, man, I've seen already.

Basically, you tell him: "I say to come to Malaysia, I am not saying that I am, but imagine how the people myself?" That is, if you are a friend, girlfriend, friend with benefits granted are .. or something else. If she says she has to stop so just friends, about his friends and all that is. If she says that her boyfriend, for example, so that there will be a long way, because I can not come, and when you come .. I do not think that I'm really all right with you. I'm very busy and blah blah blah.
You can do it this way and face the truth.

Or you can ask him and say: "I do not believe in a relationship over the internet to believe." If it feels like to be cut to hell, I believe that friends about it. It does not work.
So, yes,
If this does not work, I'm sorry for the loss of your partner time.
I'm Australian = P

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