Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Surgical Removal Of Hemorrhoids What Are The Risks Of Hemorrhoid Skin Tag Removal? Will It Leave A Huge Scar?

What are the risks of Hemorrhoid skin tag removal? Will it leave a huge scar? - surgical removal of hemorrhoids

Are there any complications, side effects or scarring after surgery?
The skin day hangs up and covers the anus. Is there an alternative non-surgical removal?


wael S said...

The indications for surgery are currently very limited. In general, the first and second degree hemorrhoids almost always resolves with conservative measures, including many cases, third and fourth year, responding to conservative measures. Also do not answer you on these cases should be tried first in the surgical procedure, as has suppression before surgery, the operation is reserved for patients unresponsive to other measures.

Conservative measures to cure most cases of hemorrhoids and are necessary in all cases to prevent a recurrence. They consist of changes in diet, especially in the form of fiber deeper into the food and drink lots of water (8-10 glasses), the usual bowel retraining, behavior changes and medications helpful for hemorrhoids.

Stapled hemorrhoids surgery or the procedure for prolapsed hemorrhoids (PPH) has been highlighted recently.

HPP is an excellent alternative for the treatment of internal hemorrhoids is not suitable for conservative and surgical approaches. In the short and medium term results are excellent. PatieWith a minimum of external tags and large internal hemorrhoids can be treated with HPP and Excision of skin tag. Surgical resection is sometimes necessary to control symptoms of hemorrhoids internal control.

This page gives some additional information about the conservative treatment of hemorrhoids.

Anne2 said...

No, no, no, this is not something done at home or with another drug in the result, doctors are with fine stitches and doctors increasingly clips for closure of operations is something you should ask your doctor.

Replace said...

Would like to know is why you (or someone) has a scar in the affected region.

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