Monday, January 18, 2010

Pcos Polycystic Is There A Chance For A Woman With PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) To Get Pregnant?

Is there a chance for a woman with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) to get pregnant? - pcos polycystic

my friend and thyroid SOP has gained weight. shes very depressed and not talking or white. shes takin medicine for both, but does not seem to help.


HushYour... said...

One of my friends, my neighbor actually has PCOS and was told that potentally never been pregnant, but guess what ... PCOS and a more 5YR old and is about 4 months Preggo!

Tara662 said...

Yes, there is an opportunity. Many women with PCOS have.
There are medications that may provide an endocrinologist to make them fertile.

NatrGrrl said...

Tell your friend that you are not alone. I have PCOS. I told my doctor that the design is possible, but unlikely. But they have drugs you can take to more fertile and there is hope.

Cate A said...


I have both conditions and have a wonderful son. Weight loss help, but I still believe that share my faith and fertility in the hands of God made the biggest difference for me.

Tell him that you are trying to take your medicine, contact, weight, Go Low-carb to lose support and prayer. It works. I know because you did for me.

Glutenfr... said...

Yes, you can help find. The first step is whether I really have PCOS. Many women with PCOS are misdiagnosed and actually no such thing as celiac disease, an autoimmune disease that causes many symtpoms - one of which is ovarian cysts, problems and fertiliyt cycles. With frequent disruptions of the thyroid. The treatment is simple, is diagnosed with celiac disease, you start the gluten-free diet, Tayo ns life and you're good to go.
Many women with PCOS and not celiac disease, or find a gluten-free diet to help the regularity of cycles and thus helps them to become pregnant. If the medication does not help, its probably not really PCOS, but something else, which cause symptoms such as celiac disease.
For further information, please contact me or use of these sites:

Shell said...

Most women with PCOS can benefit from weight loss. Even losing 10 pounds to your hormone balance and regulate your menstrual cycle.
To control the symptoms and reduce the risk of disease, your doctor may prescribe medications such as oral contraceptives or other medications that help with the symptoms or can help them to become pregnant.

So, yes, you may be pregnant, is needed to make drugs fetility problems and ensure that your body is in excellent condition!

Jamie said...

Yes, I had my best friend and her mother both PCOS and the two a child. It is difficult to become pregnant, but possible.

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