Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dune Buggy Guide Building -book -essential Manual Have Dune Buggy W Honda 550 4 Cylinder - Where Can I Find Chilton Or Rebuild Guide For No Or Very Few $$$ ?

Have dune buggy w honda 550 4 cylinder - where can I find chilton or rebuild guide for no or very few $$$ ? - dune buggy guide building -book -essential manual

do not know the year, how are you?


repobud1 said...

Im pretty sure that the Honda was buggies only 2-stroke. How is it that someone would ask that the time 4? If so probably a mid to late 70's Honda CB550. I just think. Search CB550 and compare photos.

tepidora... said...

Your local library. Bring tenths of a photocopier, however, are usually on the books in the library

curious2... said...

You can also try eBay.

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