Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Air Purifier Fan What Was That Air Purifier On HSN Or QVC (or Maybe An Infomercial) That Had No Fan+filter, A UV And Ionizer?

What was that air purifier on HSN or QVC (or maybe an infomercial) that had no fan+filter, a UV and ionizer? - air purifier fan

I do not know if it is an announcement on QVC and HSN, but there was an air purifier tower, which is not a fan, but it turned out that the air flow through him as he put on the paper before him, I think it was a UV light and ionizer, but without a filter, get exactly the right thing and our own midst.

What's his name?

And if you know whether ionizers really something, or you are just stupid, you tell me that too: P


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