Thursday, December 31, 2009

Premier Skin Care Is There A Picture Program To Make Shiny Skin Go Away Or Look Less Bad?

Is there a picture program to make shiny skin go away or look less bad? - premier skin care

I always have a shiny forehead and nose and chin in pictures and photos, I invest a good time to get into the windows of New York and that I am beautiful. Does anyone know a program that can download to. And someone like HP Photosmart Premier? Because I do too. And I find my Photoshop Windows on my computer, where is it? Thanks


Anonymous said...

No Photoshop on Windows. Photoshop is a program that is to buy and about $ 600.
Download a free program called Gimp. It's almost like Photoshop.
You can do what you do in your images in GIMP, but you have to learn.
Google "Gimp tutorials and read and practice.

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