Monday, December 7, 2009

How To Make A Homemade Rabbit Cage Homemade Rabbit Cage?

Homemade Rabbit Cage? - how to make a homemade rabbit cage

Ok I saved this rabbit out of the poor population in the last year and was a very happy bunny, he likes to go and have fun. But because I work harder, because there is no school, and goes off to college this autumn, I will not allow as much as I wanted and I feel terrible and I can play a cage and not just a plain boring cage as it is today, it's just a rectangle and not much else to say. I do not have much money to spend (if I have a house "new", that love can and will actually move, such as multi-level. So if someone knows that it can do anything please let me know. Moreover, if you Have an idea for toys that rabbits love feasible please let me know about it!


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