Tuesday, December 8, 2009

South Park Streaming The List What Is A Good Website For Streaming South Park To IPhone/iPod Touch Not Jailbroken??? HELP!!!?

What is a good website for streaming South Park to iPhone/iPod touch not jailbroken??? HELP!!!? - south park streaming the list

Hey Yahoo! User! what's up? Nevertheless, as shown in the name of the article, I need the help of the iPod touch. I Southparkmobile.net use, but subsequently abandoned. Then I was with spcentral.org, but for some reason not able to get spcentral on my iPod for free. My Safari browser to load any website, but not spcentral. I recently learned that xepisodes.com was a good place, but when I click on an episode that told me, click on the image to play, and when I click on the picture / play button is a line the play button and my iPod says it has an "unknown error". I'm melting without mobile access to my South Park! Oh, one more thing. My iPod is not jailbroken and have no intention to jailbreak it because I am not aware of the risks and willing to risk breaking my iPod. Please help me !!!!!!!


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