Monday, December 28, 2009

Ozark Trail Hiking Boots Hiking Boots Of Shoes?

Hiking boots of shoes? - ozark trail hiking boots

I am in Missouri this spring and need walking shoes. For a tour of Geology (field of study, my college major) and spend 9 days hiking around the state and spend time in the Ozark multilateral negotiations. I find walking shoes or boots? I'm not sure how the roads are rough and proposed to the teachers, boots, but I want a different opinion. I will also study to Utah and Nevada for further study of 6 weeks excursion to everything and walking is required. so that all tips on what to get? I wear them also to his home (Wisconsin) hiking and do not necessarily something where my feet will sweting like crazy. (I am a man, even if those issues too), what brand do you recommend? thank you all!


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