Monday, December 14, 2009

How To Get A Petin The Usa Platypus Define Petin?

Define Petin? - how to get a petin the usa platypus

Petin (Capsicum annuum v. aviculare) a Scoville heat unit rate has not had much higher than habanero (the 300,000 units in comparison tepĂ­n) everywhere 4X-5X, the habanero. Grown only in the wild in the deserts of northern Mexico that are about 1 / 4 "and red. They are in the same family of Capsicum annum, which are jalapenos and peppers. Habanero Capsicum family different. In reality, called," is dead "(or" death "), because we know that killing people when they unwittingly taken in capsules. Yes, murder.

PS Thanks to "Grannytoad" for more details! ;)
I've also heard that, in the case, growing in pots in the house in winter. They say it should be up to three to four years in this way. Oh yes, remove the seeds before you on prescription (something like "hot") in the Capsicum family.


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