Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blade Body Sprays Something Really Weird... Women Only Plz?

Something really weird... women only plz? - blade body sprays

EVR shaving the armpits and / or legs,
Weapon: he does not shave all .. Case is still little hair-s ... I hate it! rigt and now use a regular sheet 3 and the body wash and shaving cream ... and instant-messaging-degree (6.) and I really need like a new razor, but I do not really remember my mother that I shaved ... I've got my razer drawers in the bathrooms in my house and I was like 3 and Instant Messaging with the past, and I know u used to throw HAV after 10 .. and I wondered, like Venus or hairspray Breez Sally Hansen, which line, but I do not know how to buy one .. If I ask my mother, it is really strange and I can not in reality as Walgreens or CVS for me .... come

I'm not so young, but i dont care cuz they were like shorts and tank topsin the summer and I do not want hairy armpits ...


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