Thursday, February 11, 2010

Meanings Of Shag Bands Shag Band Colour Meanings Shag Band Colour Meanings?

Shag band colour meanings? - meanings of shag bands shag band colour meanings

Baby Blue
Baby Pink

IDK meanings. Need help?


Ashley D said...

anyone who thinks they really have a meaning, or someone who is his service an idiot, and probably follows a whore

They have no sense! Seriously, I was in high school when she wondered in 1997, and the only reason why there is so much noise, because some parents in question is like "OMG, are the children something new, as he crushed?

mean nothing. absofreakinglutely nothing. Who says that makes sense is a fool who thinks that makes sense, is an idiot, and actually does something sexual cent of plastic is the biggest idiot of all.

dumbest fears that some parents only the entire

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