Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wedgieing Wedgieing Brothers In Girl Underwear?

Wedgieing brothers in girl underwear? - wedgieing

My brother wants to give IM 2 prevents a wedgie in a thong girl, but I Do not Want 2 that children, I have no fear wedgie


Jenny C said...

Medically, you should probably wear a leash instead of written. You should also specify the scope of the wedgie to 3-8 cm, depending on how they reached their journey (....) You are an angel.

I'm curious to know why you girls wear underwear?

ANNE-MARIE A said...

Regular wedgie and my husband have 4 children, so do not worry.

steel.di... said...

Oh please grow up!
What is the issue of juvenile delinquency, this is stupid?

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