Saturday, February 6, 2010

How Much Are Records At Half Price What Is The Feds Motive To Scare People About Deflation When The Global Inflation Index Is At 40%?

What is the Feds motive to scare people about deflation when the global inflation index is at 40%? - how much are records at half price

The euro is at half its value since the last 5 months, 300%, and especially gas prices all I see is deflation. The dollar value is always in charge and how in 1929, went the other direction.

Is it possible that the Federal Reserve and others try to frighten the public, so that printing more money?

Why take all the blame Learjet, drink coffee, wellness and executive mismanagement?


AD said...

The Fed is not really the speed of global inflation, which relates the rate of inflation in the U.S. is concerned.

They are concerned about the possibility of deflation, which is fighting it very difficult for a central bank, against deflation in Japan for years and years.

It seems unlikely that inflation totaled 40%. I can not think of any major economy, where inflation is at this level. Please set a link from this number, because I am curious to see how this is calculated bin.

300% What the euro has fallen against all currencies, and much less in general, it is almost impossible.

nothingc... said...

The government stopped reporting M3 in 2006. This is what the majors to earn their money ... significant digits.

A man who started his own estimates of M3, were expected deflation. ...

Do we really want to know? Of course not. The discrepancy between the information on this so-called "information age" is a joke.

He is credited with effectively destroys deflated) (? I can only hope they do give them to me.

I blame them ... but not much I can do to make you feel guilty .. except to prevent the sale of their products and investment damned!

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