Friday, February 12, 2010

Glandular Fever Ho Do You Get It Glandular Fever - Again?!?

Glandular fever - again?!? - glandular fever ho do you get it

I had a very severe attack of glandular fever nearly 2 years. It was so bad - and with severe respiratory problems, as I have a heart murmur, here and there, the doctors thought he had blood clots in the lungs had (not sure how it's so different, but hey ho) .

I had a little relapse last summer - with similar pains in the chest, lump in throat, pain and exhaustion.

I am far from similar symptoms - pain in chest, like this time with a high fever, sore throat and loss of appetite. If there is something more in the feel ready to be sick, I was the first time

So I have some questions ...

I know that the glandular fever remains in the system - but I thought if you have not seen again - and again II have to move to the expiration or chest infections?

Is there anything I can do to prevent relapse (if that is what is this?)

I go for another round of blood tests (for the first time, and a blood test for relapse were positive)


helennes... said...

Unfortuantly already mononucleosis, which is always and can be repeated several times. They are more likely if you are tired and run down or not eating right / so stressed over time be less stringent, but you can always come back.

callisto... said...

Hello I had a very bad year ago Bout and told me that you can retrieve it, but never as bad as the first time. The way we were told, to prevent relapse was my immune system, increase as much as possible ..... Fruit vitamins, etc. .. building has been decimated like this again .... This is the best advice you would ... Hope that helps!

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