Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Funny Cross Country Sayings If I Feel A Ste Is Being Politically Incorrect How Do I Do Something About IT? Incorrect?

If I feel a ste is being politically incorrect how do I do something about IT? incorrect? - funny cross country sayings

A place to learn things to Wales to English words had a saying: "Down with the British. Let's beat the top English.
That is wrong. I think the page should take back those words.
How can I do. I e-mail, but obviously I think it's funny.
The discriminatory if it from other countries who have taken weapons. In the cross really. Help


Tylin said...

Frankly, you should ignore and carry on in his life. No need to stress about it.

Effendi R said...

Yes, it sounds good, but it could be something like this to humiliate the British and make them understand that they are not the kings of this world, or what? This does not necessarily mean "physically beat them up ... Well, I agree with you, not very nice!

Scouse said...

I hope I am not politically correct, but the incentive of this sort is why it is illegal, so this report.
I'm English, I can not give, when a monkey, Irish and Scottish or Welsh as I may hate me, but none of us ensure that particular way

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